The 823543 are a species from the planet Sepuidol. They organised by connecting in groups of seven. Individually, they are entirely nonsentient, but groups of 823543 were sufficiently intelligent to develop civilisation and spaceflight. Beyond this point, organisation was difficult as each appendage developed its own agenda and motivations, though larger groups did occasionally form.

During the time of Picardius, the 823543 had a large unified empire, known as the 7^19 Empire, but this has subsequently collapsed. They now exist as a group of scattered colonies stretching over band of spinward-coreward Impatinum Waterbe space, known as the 823543 Crescent. Some groups have joined the Chompers, though the majority are satisfied with isolationism and have negotatiated mining rights with the Waterbe.

Physical Appearance Edit

An individual of the 823543 appears somewhat like a pale worm, around a millimetre in length with a fur-like connector organ at one end. When multiple are connected, the network of 823543 appears like a tangled mesh, with specialised appendages formed of 823543 attached. The exact nature of the network can vary wildly from group to group and from culture to culture.

History Edit

During the time of Picardius, 1,500 years ago, the 823543 were unified in a single large empire called the 7^19 Empire. When the Individualists declared war on the Communalists, the 823543 attempted to remain neutral, but eventually relented and joined the Collectivists.