The Borrgge are a race resembling of a grey-skinned cyborg creature, or so it is told from the early logs of Picardius. No living creature has seen the Borrgge, thought to be extinct at one point until a lone exploration vessel had been found with traces of Borrgge blood. Not one sign of them has been found since. It is thought that the Borrgge are in a far end of the system, but they are unable to be found due to their massive particle drive producing enough power of 1000 suns, powering the ship and can power ships around it if needed. There are a few notable instances when signs were found, but no dates were given.

  • Borrgge bodies found.
  • Borrgge ships seen flying out of their home "nebula"
  • 2 liters of blood found total in exploration vessel floating outside of the galaxy's center
  • Borrgge Drakeon swords found in the core of an unknown planet, possible created by the Borrgge at one point

These signs were the only signs ever found about the Borrgge's existance, apart from Picardius' logs (#2354 through #2362). All other information about them is false or is unconfirmed.