The Chompers are a large political entity stretching across multiple hundred light years, composed of a confederation of multiple different species and civilisations - most notably, that of the Chomperthouds, and founded on the principles of mathematically provable friendship.

Leadership Edit

Within the Chompers, there is no formal hierarchical structure, though much of the legislature is made on Dółobdtwo by the Academy due to the superior physical resources and infrastructure found there and the better knowledge of the xenopsychology of the Chomperthouds by the Chompers allowing them to produce friendship theorems most effectively.

Legal decisions are made by proving that they would be good for the goals of friendship, which is achieved mathematically by various members of the Chompers and then verified and committed to law and the archives by the Academy.

Diplomatic Relations Edit

The Chompers are formally allied with the Impatinum Waterbe, which means that they are at war with the Scrach Union due to the ongoing Waterbe-Scrach War. They offer aid to the Impatinum, primarily in the form of relief efforts on planets badly affected by battles as well as the creation of friendly military tactics that lower the amount of Waterbe and Scrach casualties and some production of military equipment, and in exchange they recieve special diplomatic rights to new species encountered by the Impatinum.

Despite formally being at war with the Scrach Union, they are not entirely ostracised by them unlike the Impatinum, and are considered as an incorporated entity able to trade on the Scrach markets though with heavy restrictions limiting their ability to procure any resources that could later be used against the Scrach. Individual members of the Chompers are also able to create and run their own corporations, but this rarely occurs due to the trade restrictions making it expensive and difficult as well as the natural Chomper opposition to the types of economics employed by the Scrach.

Member Species Edit

  • Chomperthouds - Most influential and populous species, as well as one of the founding species of the Chompers and the most developed and technologically advanced at the time. Origin species of the concept of mathematically provable friendship.
  • 823543 - A small proportion of the 7^19 Empire successor states in the 823543 Crescent have joined the Chompers.