The Communalists, known the the Impatinum Waterbe and species in diplomatic contact as the Incursion, is a large civilisation existing near the edge of Impatinum space. Very little is known about them, to the Waterbe and others. Civilisations besides the Impatinum Waterbe suspect that, as with the Millibus Waterbe, known data may be fabricated or incomplete.

Impatinum intelligence suggests that the Incursion inhabits mobile planetoids, and utilises some form of gamma ray laser to harvest material from stars and planets, often completely destroying the latter. It is believed that they inhabit all of the Trailing Wastes, making their extent at least five times larger than that of known space.

If the Incursion are to threaten a homeworld of any of the four powers (Impatinum Waterbe, Scrach Union, Chompers, and Clesnearous Ora), contingency plans including a temporary unification of all four powers are being drafted.