The ecosystem of Shraak Du is primitive and small, and comprises life imported from Unistarch as part of Waterbien terraforming efforts. Much of the activity is concentrated in the Daterbe Valley, but some life is found elsewhere in other valleys and even on the global deserts and plateus.

Animal Life Edit

Shraak Du's animal life is made entirely of hardy invertebrates, most of which have been genetically modifeid from Unistarch stock in order to better survive in the toxic conditions found in Shraak Du.

Plant Life Edit

The plant life of Shraak Du, too, is sparse and tough. They grow over much of the planet's surface, and most of them are moss-like. A typical Shraak Du plant will also possess waxy nodules growing underground, which store both water and allow for the safe growth of symbiotic bacteria that are capable of metabolising some of the toxic gases in Shraak Du's atmosphere into safer forms.