A surface map of Gelop Kewat

Gelop ¬ is the most distant moon of Gelop. It has a surface covered entirely in a thick layer of ice covering the entire diameter of the world, which measures a total of 1,500 km.

The moon occasionally sees cryovolcanic activity, but these events are somewhat rare. Deep underneath the global ice sheet are several installations formerly in use by WATERBIUS for the purpose of biological research.

Additionally, there is a large network of manned facilities located at the southern pole extracting oxygen and other materials from the ice; having been in progress for over a century, these activities have gave the moon a very thin and currently unbreathable atmosphere.

Nonetheless, Gelop ¬ hosts a Waterbien population of 1200 individuals living in and around the South Polar Gelop ¬ Facilities.