The Impatinum Waterbe (not to be confused with the communal sapience of the same name), also referred to as the Waterbe Empire, is the political entity to which most Waterbe belong. It is lead by the FS WATERBIUS, and can trace its history back to the Abbantis Vellum when all Waterbe on Unistarch were unified under a common ruler (albeit unwillingly at first).

The Impatinum Waterbe is immense, and many of the sectors are semi-autonomous (a necessity, given the slow speed of communication even with the aid of the most advanced warp drives and neutrino communicators available) and led by secondary FSs subordinate to WATERBIUS. This means that judging the overall population and extent of it is somewhat difficult, though most accounts agree that it is approximately 500 light years across and has a Waterbien population in the trillions.

History Edit

The Impatinum Waterbe was formed after all Waterbe had been unified under a single leader following the Abbantis Vellum, during which the Impatinum Unistarch set out to conquer all of Unistarch. Following the use of multiple nuclear strikes, the Impatinum Unistarch came out successfully, and declared itself the Impatinum Waterbe in honour.

Following this, the Impatinum Waterbe colonised Shraak Ter, with much of the local flora and fauna eventually being accidentally and deliberately displaced by Unistarchean biota, followed by Shraak Du, which they began terraforming. A succession of six Waterbia ruled, and upon the death of the final one during this time they were replaced by the immortal FS WATERBIUS.