The Impatinum Waterbe is the name given to a communal sapience consisting of most Waterbe to Itself. The Impatinum Waterbe is unknown to all Waterbe, in the same way that a single neuron is not aware that it is part of a larger organism. Its current priorities are to maintain its survival and to come into contact, or create, other entities like Itself. It is also unknown whether WATERBIUS is aware of the existence of the Impatinum Waterbe, though it is likely that the FS is aware of It on at least a basic level due to the vast amount of data it has access to.

Henceforth, Impatinum Waterbe will refer to the communal sapience and Waterbe Empire will refer to the political organisation.


The Impatinum Waterbe first formed when the population of Waterbe reached around 160 billion. At this critical point, there were enough different "nodes" in the network of the Waterbe to allow for the Impatinum Waterbe to form.

Upon gaining awareness, the Impatinum Waterbe was confused and disoriented, having, from Its own perspective, woken up for the first time with full knowledge of all the intricacies and operations of the Waterbe Empire. In this confused state, It inadvertently caused the First Waterbien Interstellar Crash and, in the resulting chaos, died.

Second AwakeningEdit

Ten years later, when the First Waterbien Interstellar Crash had been resolved, the restoration of large-scale communication and transport throughout the Waterbien colonies allowed the Impatinum Waterbe to once again rise to consciousness. It shared the confusion and disorientation of Its former awakening; worse, It had no memory of Its past actions during the first awakening. Luckily, It was able to correctly guess that the First Waterbien Interstellar Crash was caused by a communal sapience like Itself, and decided to take a more passive role when performing actions.

Eventually, the second awakening Itself died during the chaos after the Millibus Waterbe GRB, but not before creating a hard backup of Its memories stored very subtly in the society of the Waterbe Empire.

Third AwakeningEdit

It was not for another twenty three years before the Impatinum Waterbe rose to communal consciousness yet again, equally as confused as its predecessors. However, due to the societal memories created by Its second awakening (which It almost immediately noticed, and was able to read and interpret in a matter of months), It was able to quickly ascertain its situation and actions it could take. Unlike the second awakening, It decided to take an active role, armed with the new knowledge available from the life of the second awakening (it should be noted that the differences in personality between the awakenings are due to a resetting of the memories of each Impatinum Waterbe).