The kIǂhʊn are a race of bipedal creatures currently residing in a small empire of approximately 20 light years across managed with slower-than-light transport combined with faster-than-light communication. They have a strong communal sense bordering on a hivemind.


The seat of the kIǂhʊn government is a large space habitat known as the Disk. The disk is actually the seventh of its kind, and is based upon a larger version of Disk.VI. Each disk was built to be successively larger and more advanced; the seventh disk is around 401 km along its longest axis and has a population of 1.2 billion.

The seven disks have been, in order:

  1. Disk.I (20 km; 3.02 million population)
  2. Disk.II (32 km; 8.22 million population)
  3. Disk.III (54 km; 22.3 million population)
  4. Disk.IV (89 km; 60.7 million population)
  5. Disk.V (147 km; 165 million population)
  6. Disk.VI (243 km; 449 million population)
  7. Disk.VII (current disk; 401 km; 1.22 billion population)

Diplomacy Edit

They are in contact with the Chompers, however a Declaration with the Impatinum Waterbe prevents them from providing significant technological aid to the KIǂhʊn; this is particularly restrictive in the field of AIs and FSs. The Chompers generally think this to be for the best; overzealous technological uplifting often creates poor social conditions.