Gelop has 17 moons, 4 of which are significant in size and the remaining 13 of which are small and irregular but considered minor moons regardless.

Major Moons Edit

Gelop Un Edit

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Gelop Un is an unremarkable ball of rock with a diameter of 3 Mm and otherwise no atmosphere, hydrosphere, or biosphere. The surface also lacks valuable resources, being made out of unremarkable silicates. Because of its complete undesirability, it has no permanent habitation.

Gelop Du Edit

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Gelop Du is a highly volcanic world on account of the intense tidal stretching it has received from other bodies in the system with an average diameter of 3 Mm. It has a moderately-dense carbon dioxide atmosphere which somewhat complicates habitation, and hence also has no permanent residents.

Gelop Ter Edit

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Gelop Ter is the second of the volcanic moons of Gelop, and is smaller than the other, being only around 1.6 Mm in diameter. Like Gelop Du, it has a constantly shifting surface punctuated by the occasional volcanic eruption, however underneath the rocky surface lakes of liquid water have been found. Whilst there are no permanent residents on the surface, it has several remotely operated surface bases for the storage of light weaponry to temporarily defend the moons of Gelop.

Gelop Kewat Edit

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Gelop Kewat is the most distant moon of Gelop, and has a surface covered entirely in a thick layer of ice covering the entire 1.5 Mm diameter of the world.

Minor Moons Edit