Shraak Du is the second planet from Shraakas Humla, and is covered in simple vegetation and a small ecosystem of insects and microscopic organisms. Despite it lacking a magnetic field, the planet is still livable due to the somewhat thin atmosphere blocking out the bulk of radiation. The planet has been settled for two centures, and is one of the first planets colonised by the Waterbe. It is presently controlled by the Impatinum Waterbe, and has been by it or a precursor state to it for the entirety of its inhabited history.

Most of the population, industry and technology of the planet is centered around the Daterbe Valley, which is protected from the harsh winds that scour the surface and is hence more suited to permament habitation. In this valley are multiple biodomes, which protect Waterbe from its toxic atmosphere. Some of the toxic gases have been removed from the atmosphere, and terraforming efforts have commenced, but as with any planetary ecosystem modification progress is slow and terraforming is estimated to completely finish in around 600 years.

There are some mineral deposits on the surface of the planet, the mining of which makes up the bulk of its economy, and some water vapour in the atmosphere that, if condensed, would enlarge the oceans and make the planet much more hospitable. This is one of the goals in terraforming Shraak Du.

There are approximately 150 million living on the planet, a good portion of them being scientists or engineers. There are also many pioneers looking for a new life, and descendants of the previous. An identical copy of WATERBIUS known as KALVER, whose mind is stored in a massive computer buried deep below the capital bio-dome cluster, Daterbe City, administers Shraak Du.