Shraakas Humla (Waterbien for "Shraak System") is the solar system from which the Waterbe came. It is heavily industrialised, with huge population centres on every solid world (though mainly in the habitable zone; Waterbe on Shraak | and the moons of Zatres and Gelop aren't particularly thriving).

Shraakas Humla has a single central star, known as Shraak Untal.

Shraakas Humla contains three gas giants, which are Zatres, Gelop and Shraak ¬¬. Zatres is a Jovian planet with a myriad of red, orange and yellow clouds. Gelop is a Jovian world with vast clouds made of ice crystals which migrate from one hemisphere to the other, and seventeen rings. Shraak ¬¬ is a Jovian behemoth of a world. All three of these worlds have large aerostat habitats.

There are also five freely orbiting terrestrial worlds. These are Shraak |, a Telluric world with heavy vulcanism and aerostat habitats; Shraak |\|, an Arid world with an ongoing terraforming operation; Shraak |\|\|, a Tectonic world with a simple global ecology; Unistarch, a Tectonic world with native sapient life; and Shraak ¬|\|\|, a cold Asphodelian world which was once a gas dwarf before some cataclysmic event destroyed its atmosphere. 

There are many dwarf terrestrial worlds which are moons, all orbiting the three gas giants. These are Zatres |, Zatres |\|, Zatres |\|\|, Zatres ¬, Zatres ¬|, Zatres ¬|\|, Gelop |, Gelop |\|, Gelop |\|\|, Gelop ¬, Undaire, and Dudaire.

There are a few notable small bodies (listing all of them would be difficult, as there are thousands). Javvin is a small body, the only moon of Shraak |, and 120 km in diameter.