Unistarch, sometimes named Domuidol, is the home planet of the Waterbe, located in the Shraakas Humla. It is the fourth planet orbiting Shraak Untal.

History Edit

The geological history of the planet Unistarch spans 4.1 billion years, from its formation up to the present day. It can be split into four eons.

Propetetas eon Edit

The propetetas eon spanned from 4100 million years ago to 3600 million years ago. During this eon, the crust of Unistarch had not yet fully cooled so vulcanism was incredibly high. Additionally, there were frequent collisions with other bodies in the early Shraakas Humla.

Perpetetas eon Edit

The perpetetas eon spanned from 3600 million years ago to 2100 million years ago.

Tycviritetas eon Edit

The tycviritetas eon spanned from 2100 million years ago to 650 million years ago

Waterbiritetas eon Edit

The waterbiritetas eon is the current eon of geological history and covers the time on Unistarch when complex multicellular life was present, beginning 650 million years ago.