WATERBIUS is an immortal FS that has lead the Impatinum Waterbe for the past 204 years. It was made, in its earliest form, during the Triplanetary Era of the Final Organic Dynasty as an assistant for Waterbius See, and due to self-evolution it was able to become sapient 7 years later. After the death of Waterbius See, it continued leading the Impatinum Waterbe with improved efficiency, spreading the Waterbe to the stars. In its current form, it consists of exactly 999 identical Asteroid Brains split into three major processing groups located in an unknown solar system, and a vast number of semi-autonomous nodes distributed throughout the Impatinum Waterbe.

Waterbius ServersEdit

The first time WATERBIUS was run was on the Waterbius Servers, located underneath Waterbe City in the state of Valena. After proving its increased processing power and adaptability, its share of processing time (relative to other political FSs) was increased from 7% 214 years ago to 88% 208 years ago. After taking power 204 years ago, it increased its share of processing power on the Waterbius Servers to 99.7% and destroyed the three competing (but less efficient) evolving political FSs - Nurakam, SunnevicaFS and Implexale. This distribution of power (0.3% to other FSs, 99.7% to WATERBIUS) remained until the transferring of WATERBIUS' FS away from the Waterbius Servers 186 years ago.

WATERBIUS MainframeEdit

188 years ago, WATERBIUS commissioned the production of new computers (of its own design) that would better account for quirks in the way WATERBIUS was programmed and allow for increased processing capacity. By 186 years ago, the construction of the WATERBIUS Mainframe was complete and it was buried deep under Waterbe City like its predecessors, the Waterbius Servers. Installed along with the WATERBIUS Mainframe was a small factory with manipulators - WATERBIUS used this 185 years ago in order to construct the first WATERBIUS Drones. 179 years ago, a second WATERBIUS Mainframe was manufactured and installed, as well as a larger factory to construct more advanced drones.