Waterbe City is a megalopolis located on the planet Unistarch. It is the capital of the Impatinum Waterbe, and the largest city by urban population.

History Edit

Waterbe City was constructed by the government of Valena as a planned city to serve as the political capital of the state. The site was chosen for its coastal position along the Solituda ocean, allowing for easy trade access, as well as geological properties of the area making it suitable for the construction of fortified underground complexes.

It later became the capital of the Impatinum Unistarch upon its formation from the unification of Vallum, Valena and Valmas, and the capital of the Impatinum Waterbe following the Abbantis Vellum.

During the Abbantis Vellum, despite being an attractive target for attack, Waterbe City remained mostly undamaged; several security measures, including large and externally featureless military structures, were constructed to limit the influence of military and guerilla attacks, and the remnants of those are present but abandoned today.