Zatres Kewin is a small moon coated in ice with a few large underground caverns filled with liquid water from tidal flexing. It contains a simple ecosystem of single celled, thermosynthetic ammonia-based life.


Zatres Kewin Life

Typical example of a life form present on Zatres Kewin. These cells can form "strings" up to several mm long.

The life underneath the ice sheet of Zatres Kewin is anærobic (by necessity; there is no oxygen on Zatres Kewin and even if there was ammonia would be flammable in it) and uses ammonia as a solvent. The single-celled organisms (measuring, on average, 3 µm in length) are much simpler than life on Unistarch, and gain energy purely through making use of heat differences as a result of the tidal heating of their world.

Because these life forms exist only deep under the surface of Zatres Kewin, they have not yet been discovered by Waterbe. However, any drilling project that may be performed to acquire water from the subsurface oceans poses a chance of discovering the existence of this ecosystem.